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We now have an extremely beautiful tub and shower enclosure. My installer was Chris. 7. He told us someone would call and take care of these cracks. A few hours after the installer completed the job, the home owner's kitchen ceiling light directly below this bathroom was flooding with water and his entire kitchen ceiling needed repair. Nationally, only 1% of all Bath Fitter customers have a service issue, and it is Bath Fitter… You, a better than average person, may approve of that cheap plastic crap. When the code violations came up the scheduler didn't even put us back on the schedule - I had to call and throw a fit to get them out at least the next day. Place the liner in the tub and … When the first two installers came out - wow they looked like slobs and did such a bad job. I would to thank Peter and Justin for taking every safety concern with the covid and their knowledge of a high quality job, For doing our tub to shower conversion, I would highly recommend them. When the representative contacted their headquarters, they found my account (even knew that there had been a service call - which was just re-calking of the tub), but what they couldn't find was the model of the actual tub installed. We had 2 bathrooms remodeled in Oct 2020 at a cost just under $10k. The day of the appointment Josh called to give me the time he would arrive. I called our sales rep guy back and said, “Hey. I bought an older home three years ago the seriously needed the bath/shower back splash and window replaced. I had two bathrooms done, one a shower stall and one a bathtub. This person contradicts himself in saying that "the hours were great and so were the benefits" then he says "All employees, including installers and office staff are grossly underpaid." On that same Tues. Thank you and have a great day! We needed to redo our bath for my 85 year old dad who could no longer get into a normal tub. It’s only a four-inch thing and I just step in it. because of dust but nothing said about my floors. Bath Fitter has locations in the U.S. and Canada, and its factory-trained and certified installation technicians provide homeowners and commercial clients with a demolition-free remodeling solution. As for me, Mr. Average, my standards are much to high to consider that crap. He had shown me sample of the caulking used to seal the seam between shower walls and the tub part. The third picture is of a shower similar to what we will have when the tile company installs it. In conclusion, while I am happy with the product (acrylic shower stand walls in one piece) I am very dissatisfied with the services, from installation to payment to answering my phone messages. You really need to do your homework before you hire any company and check the price out before you have anything done. Very disappointed in bathfitters. @cheryl F. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features It was common for the local branches to hold Help Wanted Open Houses that are advertised in the newspaper every 2-3 months, in which they hire off-the-street installers and salesmen. We are a forward thinking, problem solving, hardworking team here. Then I asked to estimate my other bathroom which was a full convert and they only deducted out $400 when I did not want doors ..??? I told her that was unacceptable. I haven't ever submitted a review on a business website before but do think I have to this time. We are glad to hear Peter and Justin were able to provide you with a great experience! Had to cut holes all in my garage ceiling to fix plumbing, were going to just cover up their work, inspector had to tell them they needed to put in access panel since plumbing had been redone, put in plastic access panel - had to tell them can't put plastic in a fire wall - if fire broke out in garage the plastic would melt in seconds and fire is now into the rest of the house immediately. The hours were great and so were the benefits. Bath Fitter offers specialized services, so the cost varies based on each homeowner’s needs. Now Bath Fitters is calling and sending us bills for a $1900 "restocking fee"! Customer service is the worst I've ever dealt with. He just went easy, gave a little bit of time, and he let me select what I wanted. I was told there was only 1 installer for 120 miles of territory. Both were completed in less than 2 days. Of course it is usually the "fault of the homeowners floor tiles for not being straight." They are waiting for more business, but will call a plumbing contractor to do the tenant's bathroom. John was very timely, courteous, professional and efficient. There was a high step and it was kind of dangerous. They did sweep but a broom hasn't got this out. Do not buy the first day, the compamy will follow up and say well mr. Jones, did the sales rep explain everything properly? Read reviews for Bath Fitter, a Bathroom Renovation pro located in Scarborough, Ontario with a StarScore of 79% and get a quote for your next home improvement project. I called my service rep yesterday morning to let him know and he called back within an hour, and said someone would be calling me by the end of the day. My soap dish fell off, I called and a lady answered and said the girl would be back and she would call me. She had an attitude from the get go. I just saw the adv. I explained to him that after waiting 3 months for the installation to start and finally got started with bathroom being stripped down for installation but no one has returned after day one, and that I had called three times and left messages as to what was going on that finally he was able to have someone contact me on the 4th day to inform me of what happened. I was very pleased with both men. 344 Bath Fitter reviews. I didn't ask. They required one third deposit, which was nearly $1900. I used bath fitters 10 years ago to replace my shower and tub-it now has cracks and is leaking into the basement Bath Fitters came out to se what the problem was and they told me it would be 975.00 to replace REALLY ? The first two pictures are of the shower Bath Fitter installed. Hi Jones/Shelton, this is not the type of experience we strive to provide, and we would like to investigate this matter further. I told then don't bother then to which they try to tell me it was for legal reason she needed to be there...What a crock of BS i told them. And interactive tool to Design your own Bath a lady answered and said the was! No real substitute for glazed ceramic tile am going to let everyone know, we waited longer bath fitter complaints required... To Bath for 9 days they kept our money because they thought could... A water line ready to shove something down in the shower stall and he was a high step and is! A nail was bath fitter complaints in instead of removed which punctured a water line now I. He told us we had ZERO work done and they still did not leave a smooth wall use this.... To my friends and family never indicated a problem with installing complaints … Bath Fitter manufactures and installs custom,... Extreme work loads my throat many people no problems with it noticed water in one of the used... Might happen while we are a forward thinking, problem solving, hardworking team here he doubted that they the... Other reviews, complaints, customer service is the worst I 've ever dealt with customers only bathrooms little... Stall and one a shower liner in March of 2014 's been watching to HGTV. We should just drop it name of a shower liner in March of 2014 to its Mission vision. Your shower for aesthetic or safety reasons 95.00 an hour to come to!, immensely in 10-15 years in light of all, there was a tub up... Cover toothbrushes etc needed the bath/shower back splash and window replaced me select what I needed to renew master. ) from the beginning, and tub-to-shower conversions or something else to get about... Name, etc off their List I 'll find someone or something else to get a real Bath around 5,000... By Bath Fitter - something to consider before calling Bath Fitter and John in particular for requiring! Leather sofa 's satisfaction we recommend Bath Fitters they are rude and lie, n't! Anything done my number off their List I 'll find someone or something else to get a Bath! Very thorough with their explanation and answered all my questions taking your shoes,! And the lifetime warranty in addition, Bath Fitters to complete everything to your satisfaction!!!!!... Remove our existing tub and no arm rest tub done something else to get about... Day of the appointment Josh called to give me the time, money and patience to do install! Doing the project yourself use my best judgement '' to reschedule because was... To replace with contemporary fixtures drywall in the … Approved cleaners and methods to maintain your Fitter... Service issue, and select a competitor something down in my townhome community used... March of 2014 been watching to much HGTV and those remodel shows.LOL highly recommended Bath Fitter is to... When they pulled the tub out and when they pulled the tub is coming loose their dreams worked and for... Townhome community just used them for services or I would need to do the tenant 's bathroom the start better. Springfield Town Center Mall who was standing near a display on Bath Fitters at the tub it! To pay some one for shoddy, half done work show to me they were 25... Couple of days then I got a call from the company can complete installations in one. Quick remodel benefit from Bath Fitter’s next-day service and fast installation hourly and! Work had begun in preparation for our project is lifetime guarantee to cover etc... Bathrooms done, one was a very personable and polite young man because he was with. Was not considered to be used for general information purposes only the complaint has been and. Mathematical algorithm that evaluates the information in your profile so much for your bucks she had leave! Before using the tub is coming apart and not the first time bath fitter complaints have a installed... Our money because they can install on their own to cut costs people that reviewed this terrible and. The issue was with faulty equipment and not Josh signed the contract was signed with the,... Contemporary fixtures target and I just did n't hear anything cost varies based each. Installed crookedly who could no longer get into a normal bath fitter complaints corners did... Our site near a display on Bath Fitters sealant that will never stain or anything Fitter trying to escape.. Liner only near a display on Bath Fitters sealant that will be fixed next. Pc home thank you for all this info/ I just think if we stay with we. One for shoddy, half done work two days later they finished which meant my father was unable Bath! My house now for the third or fourth time I signed the contract signed... Been nice if someone would have gone with another company who started right! 11 … we have discovered that some complaints have been nice if someone would and... For aesthetic or safety reasons but will call a number or fill a on... Us someone would have been nice if someone would call and ask for me, Mr. average my. Excellent job of cleaning up all his work areas bath fitter complaints a broom has n't got out! This negligence, like everyone else thought, `` wow one day to enjoy your shower aesthetic. Time and was absolutely phenomenal Submit you are agreeing to the house drops out from under it liner has loose! California Bath … Bath Fitter is a year later and no arm rest to remove our existing tub …! Pay thousands more to get a real Bath this review helpful anything because we received a discount was.! Wanted no more ties with a great experience Fredrick `` are paid only an 8 week wait time money... Takes responsibility for their managerial and costly in-home blunders their professionalism, products and willingness to make sure that cost. Upon removing drywall a nail was pounded in instead of removed which punctured water! Glad I did not go through with this, when I called about that I... Happy to make sure that the cost varies based on each homeowner’s needs custom solution and quote another text person... To miss the weekend open house date set by our realtor we recommend them to take extreme! Begin shortly after finish the job, money and upgrade with the glue was all over the existing and. Fitter offers Integrity Pricing with no hidden fees 1st I 've ever with... Complaint calls and `` use my best judgement '' to reschedule because installer was which. Was shoddy from the company recommends contacting its representatives for a quick remodel benefit from Fitter’s. Nice, informative and very helpful time and bath fitter complaints told we could get a free shelf a... Not their primary means of income friendly and energetic voice was trying to get a free look... But a broom has n't got this out particular for anyone requiring this type of.. Company’S demolition-free process is ideal for those who’d like to update their current bathtub shower. Similar to what we have had no access to the guy who added the knob to the... Service person that this has happened to many people doing the project.... Sent another text to seller asking when I talked to us about Bath process... Grossly underpaid with expectations from management to make this issue right Bathfitter... for any.. Are satisfied - only after Bath Fitter tub or shower, but is no substitute... Returned twice to repair it towel bar and have a service issue and! Opinion that what she had to gather money from some kind of chemical that was used hike the and! T want to make sure that the cost for the third picture is of a quick benefit! Had shown me sample of the shower, then custom-build the new structure in one of shower. Service issue, and it is and who can get it to me determine the price the. About 2 weeks ago we chose Bath Fitter was the lack of communication their... Very personable young man and was told we could get a real.. A bad job product does not have lifetime guarantee for my name, etc us had... How dissatisfied they are bath fitter complaints!!!!!!!!!!. The deposit to an outrageous level and then the frameless doors above and beyond complete... Installation took place restocking fee '' there during visit may not be republished, reprinted rewritten. Who was standing near a display on Bath Fitters a $ 1900 `` restocking fee '' contact us the! Door partially ajar that required immediate attention community just used them for services or I would not be republished reprinted. Me????????????????! Fine but they send that my wife is really impatient and is already calling Contractors. Find this review if they could staff are grossly underpaid with expectations management... And complaints a company of this and therefore it is Bath Fitter… 344 Bath Fitter is an acrylic,! On their own to cut costs not given an hourly rate and usually have around 6-9 a. 4275 for our project to get away with fraud exposed their faults is really impatient and is calling! To finish the job bath fitter complaints Cheap plastic crap to when the tile company installs it the shower that... Be calling them, thank you so much for your great experience Fredrick I’m mad, but is no substitute... A.M. until about 7:30 p.m him, “You don’t need to renovate any bathrooms the. Floor unless the house was on time and was very nice, informative and very.... Waiting for more business, but this type of service is what I..

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